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Seattle Rain


Oh beautiful, how I wish I could, how I wish I could be you

Oh how I'd give the world, I'd give the whole wide world, just to wake up in your shoes

Oh give me one day, give me just one day, so I can touch him too

Oh, Seattle Rain


While you're busy falling, busy falling down on his hair and on his skin

Oh, I'll be busy dreaming, all day long daydreaming

Yeah I'll be busy missing him

Oh I'll be missing him


There are days I wish we could trade places

When I feel so far away

I think I'd be the perfect replacement

For you, Seattle Rain


Well I'll just go ahead then

I'll go and pack my bags and catch tomorrow's flight

You can't have him all to yourself you know 

No, that just isn't right

Afterall sweet rain, all you do is keep him

Keep him cold all through the night

Oh, Seattle Rain


Silly, silly rain


​Written by: Amanda Frazier

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